viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Real Time Data Collaboration between Flex - AIR and Android with BlazeDS

Hi to all, today i want to show you a litle demo that i build, this demo shows the collaborations features available with BlazeDS, but i use diferents clients applications: Flex Web , AIR desktop  and Android phone. 
For this demo i use
  • BlazeDS
  • Tomcat 
  • Adobe AIR 2.0 for the Desktop client.
  • Adobe AIR 2.5 for the Android client.
  • Android Emulator.
  • PackagerUbuntu for package my Air applications for native Desktop and Android Emulator  

Here is the demo

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  1. Hi Victor, I noticed you made this demo a long time ago. I'm wondering if you possibly have a tutorial or the source code (if you care to share) for this Real Time Data Collaboration.

    I'm looking to deploy a similar use on a website and mobile platform (android or iphone) and using BlazeDS for the server stuff.

    Let me know if you could share and I'll send you my contact information. Thanks!