viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

PackagerUbuntu v0.2 released

Hi i just finish PackagerUbuntu v0.2, there are some features and minor bug changes. Some of this are:
  • Now verify if the user password match the user certificate.
  • Some changes in the UI.
  • You can store the adt path for later use.
  • Some minor bugs were changed.
  • Use localization for language problems, spanish and english are available.

The application was tested in Ubuntu 10.10 64 bits, please any bug or idea of how to improve this tool, let me know.

You may download the application here.

5 comentarios:

  1. This application doesn't install on a 32 bits ubuntu installation. Get some kind of error with amd64 not supported.

    If you want to i can compile this application on my machine.

  2. Would you publish the source code or at least a 32bit version? Thanks :)

  3. hi
    can you please make it available for 32 bit editions.

  4. Hi sorry for the delay i'm working in a new release this will include playbook, iphone and 32 bit edition just a little patience.