jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Red5 + BlazeDS = Realtime video chat application

Hi, 4 days ago i saw a very interesting application made by Adobe Platform Evangeist Michaël Chaize, he uses LCCS and in 10 minutes (wow!!!) he have great and complete application, so i just wondering if i could build part of the functionality of this application using open source products.

So, for made this possible i used Red5 and BlazeDS. I used Red5 RTMP protocol for video streaming and BlazeDS Streaming Channel for the chat, i know that i could use Red5 for the chat too but i feel more comfortable with BlazeDS messaging features, it not takes 5 minutes and of course take a lot more code but it's ok.

I think that use LCCS is the way to go, because it allow you to use Adobe RTMFP and other cool stuff, if you want to  know more about LCCS you can go here.

Here is the demo, the next post i will try to made a tutorial.

PS: Sorry english is not my native language, i try to do my best.

4 comentarios:

  1. Nice video, I'm looking forward to see your tutorial :)
    thank you!

  2. hey! thanks for sharing!! I really would like to know how can I build this kind of apps and how to deploy it.
    I already have red5 running but I don't how to create the publisher and subscribers.
    Thanks again and keep going!!

  3. Great thanks! I am also looking forward for your tutorial. I think nevertheless LCCS is great, it would be nice to do it myself. Sometimes Adobe decides to change pricing policy very fast ;)

  4. Nice video but i have a question if i want use other application that create by flex and lcs sdk but i did`t want to use lcss as a server i want to use red5 as server its possible run air application using server red5 and if possible how i do it by the way i finish all application just need away to add red5 server can you help in it.